REI Market Pro is your one stop lead source!

Your source for property data with CELL PHONE OR LANDLINE NUMBERS INCLUDED!!! 

No need to skip trace! 

We offer a 75%+ phone number accuracy guaranteed!

Combine our data with our voice broadcasting or ringless voicemails to maximize your savings and get leads the same day! 

Ringless Voicemail Packages w/ data

Voice Broadcasting Packages w/ Data


REI Market Pro has put everything you need in one place to start generating contracts now.  We combine our data with our voice broadcasting software for immediate results unlike any other form of marketing.  We have tested this system in our own real estate investing companies and we can tell you that by far this is the lowest cost per deal marketing available!  Call today for details 480-712-5211.

Data Only Pricing


Send your requests in via  Soon you will be able to order through our website!  You can pull by basic parameters, like you would see on other data sites.  The difference is this data comes with NUMBERS!  Don't forget we also offer a 75% accuracy guarantee on phone numbers or your money back.  No more buying a list from one provider then sending it off to be skip traced to another provider.  We are your one stop data shop! 

Additional Voice Broadcasting minutes and RVM drops

Our Turnkey System Includes


Our data allows you to pull extremely detailed lists based on geography, home characteristics, loan details, ownership details, and much more. But here is the best part… our data includes cell phones and landlines with a 75% accuracy guaranteed!

Wholesaling Starter Pack

Everything to get started plus, it includes all the necessary contracts, scripts for both agents and investors, a step by step plan, closing techniques, tips and tricks, and much more!

Voice Broadcasting

An all-inclusive voice broadcasting software that allows you to leave voice mails, receive live transfers, or do both simultaneously!  THIS IS A GAME CHANGER AND A LEAD GENERATING MACHINE.

Other Services

We also provide (cold calling) call center consultations for those that are serious about taking their business to the next level.

About Us

Our Mission

To provide a turnkey, all inclusive, wholesaling platform allowing both beginners and seasoned investors to generate leads and contracts immediately.

How We Do It

Our website is your resource combining all of the variables you need to be a successful wholesaler and grow your retail business if you are an agent or broker. We show you in a step by step start to finish program how to select your data, select your dialer and setting, how to talk to clients, how to get contracts, and how to turn those contracts into cash.